AADYA -National Journal of Management and Technology (NJMT)

AADYA -National Journal of Management and Technology

Editor : Dr. Seema Unnikrishnan
Print ISSN : 2319-264X
Frequency : Biannual

AADYA -National Journal of Management and Technology (NJMT) is an online open access journal which aims to promote the new innovative ideas and help to integrate their ideas with in all fields of Management and Technology thus can implement it with the help of this Journal.

Frequency: Two Issues per year
Language: English

1. Informative Articles
2. Case Studies
3. Research Proposals or Synopsis
4. Review Papers
5. Comparative Studies
6. Dissertation Chapters
7. Survey Papers

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Volume 7, March 2017


Table of Contents


E-Banking: Advantages, Challenges and Opportunities in the Indian Context
Rameesha Kalra, Bhagyashree Narayan 1-10
Total views: 429
Impact of New Retail Formats in India
Jameel A. Pathan, Kimaya Pol 11-20
Total views: 308
A Study on Feasibility and Impact of Radio Taxi and App-Based Vehicle Model in Mumbai & Bangalore Market
Shuvayan Bhowmik 21-28
Total views: 358
Performance Management for Effective Leadership
Japita Bhowmik, Hrishikesh G. Pol 29-35
Total views: 320
Education, the Smart Solution for Developing Smart Cities a Prime Requisite for Development for a better Tomorrow
Sheetal Aditya 36-44
Total views: 240
Analysis of the Trade Facilitation Issues Faced by Exporters and Importers in Delhi and NCR Region
Deepti Arora, Robin Rajan 45-52
Total views: 236
Developmental Projects of Brics:India's Leadership
Badruddin 53-64
Total views: 237
Passenger Flow in Railway Transportation: Literature Survey
Sanjeev Kadam, Prabir Kumar Bandyopadhyay 65-69
Total views: 278
Study on Current Harmonic's Mitigation Using Hysteresis Current Controller Technique
Gopika Agarwal 70-75
Total views: 244
Lessons on Management from the Bhagavad Gita
Megha Nair Pillai 76-80
Total views: 238
Contribution of Financial Institutions towards Financial Literacy and Credit Counseling in India
Sadhana L. Ogale, D. Mahal 81-92
Total views: 238
Bluetooth Wireless Home Automation System
G. Anandhi 93-103
Total views: 237
Sustainable Smart City through Secured Governance
Mukund Gupta 104-109
Total views: 248
Big Data in Education Sector
Deepa Jose 110-114
Total views: 252
Banking and Insurance Sector in India: Recent Trends, Challenges and Feasible Growth Measures
Hrishikesh S. Kakde 115-122
Total views: 448
A Study of Competency Mapping at Hubergroup India Pvt. Ltd
Dipika Sonawadekar, Roza Ashish Parashar 123-131
Total views: 226
A New SDLC Frame Work for Website Development
Simon Kevin John, K. Swapna 132-142
Total views: 286
A Study on Effectiveness of Energy Management to Leading Growth of Chemical Industry
Kalyani Doshi 143-152
Total views: 227
Analysis on BSNL & Airtel Internet & Service Provider
Tushar Shinde 153-161
Total views: 262
Open Academy an Online Dynamic Teaching and Learning Environment
Mayur Ujagare, Praveen Gupta 162-172
Total views: 226
Send 9: Send Large Files Online
Sumeet Bhujbal, Praveen Gupta 173-177
Total views: 281
Trends of Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries
Aravind Krishnan 178-186
Total views: 220
Applications of Nanotechnology in Water and Waste Water Treatment
Swapnali Mahadik 187-191
Total views: 500
Hiding Data Communication Using Stegnography Technique
Kirti Kakde 192-198
Total views: 237
Neuromarketing - New Science of Consumer Behavior
Reshma Ghorpade 199-206
Total views: 353
SOA Approaches Analysis and Integration with WCF Services
Komal Shringare 207-218
Total views: 167